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Work ON Your Business, Not In It

Join us for this transformative training event and take the first step towards building the business of your dreams.

Don't let the day-to-day operations of your business hold you back any longer.

It's time to Work ON Your Business, Not In It!

At our Work ON Your Business, Not In It training event, you’ll learn how to develop a strategic vision, make a plan for your business, build systems and processes to help you work on your company.

What makes this training event so beneficial?

  • A fresh perspective on how to approach your company and help you to identify new opportunities for successful growth.
  • Learn how to work on your business! You’ll be able to unlock your potential for progress and prosperity.
  • ​​Increase your efficiency and effectiveness as a business owner by learning new strategies and approaches.
  • Gain clarity on what you should focus on in order to build a better company, generate higher value for your clients, increase the valuation of your business, decrease your stress level, and elevate your satisfaction as the CEO.
The training event is divided into three days


Participants will learn about finance management including: P&L, cashflow, budget, analysis of income and costs.


The focus is on strategy, account management, ideal clients, market segmentation, service delivery, organizational structure, hiring, and defining goals.

Participants will also learn about company values and motivation.


It is all about communication, strategic and status meetings, financing options – self-financing, debt financing, equity financing.

The course ends with a discussion of the participant's role in the business and how to reach the next level.


It was a great and inspiring course. The topics were clearly divided and each day offered insightful, valuable, and ready-to-use solutions that can be applied in any LSP. Andrzej has a deep understanding of sales processes in our industry. He also knows what type of challenges we face and how our clients think and act. That’s why he is able to provide precise solutions and suggestions that are unique for the localization company. I feel motivated to implement some of them immediately

Agata Rybacka

Diuna Group

The GROW YOUR REVENUE event was insightful as someone new to the language services industry. I enjoyed learning how to build consistent and effective communication to new and present clients at all levels within our team. Takeaways to establish solutions through value selling to better understand the buyer’s process and help facilitate that process. I highly recommend this course to veterans in the marketplace and those just starting out alike.

Jason Lunsford

INGCO International

Every Founder, Account Manager and Sales Team should attend this course for insightful learning and scientific techniques.

Dr Sahil Chandolia

MoniSa Enterprise
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Work ON Your Business, Not In It!