Sales advisory

It is dedicated for company owners, Marketing & Sales Directors, Revenue Directors, and leaders and members of Account Management teams and Sales Teams. This advisory programme is aimed at building efficiency and maximising the results of the Revenue Team within the client’s company. We work in the format of online sessions, both 1-on-1 and 1-to-many depending on the topic and person/team involved in a specific sales area.

When I was buying advisory services it was usually “advisory days”. And I often had this feeling that we were spending a substantial amount of time during such days on non-productive tasks or secondary topics.

This is why, when it is me who offers advisory services now, I split days into hours and I meet with clients most often for very powerful 1-hour sessions. It is the time of deep focus, hard work, and full commitment to discussing and moving forward with the topic we are working on. And after the session is finished, and before the next session, we can make progress in the discussed area, and in the next session take it even further.

The pace of meetings (weekly, bi-weekly, other) is decided together based on urgency and nature of each topic.

That’s how we built outstanding efficiency of our collaboration and we maximize the results and outcomes.

Examples of topics

The topics we work on during advisory sessions vary and change over time, and most often then are related to:

Revenue and Sales Strategy, Building Sales Team, Building Account Management Team, Building Revenue plans, Budgeting, Segmentation of clients, definition Unique SDelling Points (USP), Defining the marketing and sales messaging, building sales skills through sales trainings, defining execution metrics (KPIs), Managing Sales team, and many more.

We handle each topic with systematic approach involving definition and analysis of

  • present stage,
  • reasons for change,
  • desired outcome,
  • possible solutions,
  • execution supervision.


JCI Organisation, which unites young and ambitious entrepreneurs, has various forms of activity. One of them is sharing knowledge and building business skills of our members. Andrzej has provided for us training in Sales, Sales Management and Finance Management and they were all extremely well received by our members. As one of JCI Krakow Senators put it – “Andrzej has an impressive capability of explaining complex issues and concepts in a very simple and attractive way, making the understanding very easy”. And I cannot agree more with this statement. This is why we are planning more business trainings with Andrzej and I can strongly recommend Andrzej as Trainer and Business Advisor to other entrepreneurs.

Michał Zawada

President, JCI Kraków

Attending Andrzej’s sales training was like listening to a great story. His theory behind sales unfolded naturally and Andrzej put everything into perspective, making sure to relate to his industry experience… adding fun here and there for extra motivation. The workshop was a true eye-opener. I can see a huge potential for my company and myself to implement a clear strategy with the appropriate sales techniques.

Gaetan Chretiennot

CEO at Six Continents, France

It was a great and inspiring course. The topics were clearly divided and each day offered insightful, valuable, and ready-to-use solutions that can be applied in any LSP. Andrzej has a deep understanding of sales processes in our industry. He also knows what type of challenges we face and how our clients think and act. That’s why he is able to provide precise solutions and suggestions that are unique for the localization company. I feel motivated to implement some of them immediately

Agata Rybacka

Diuna Group

Very useful and insightful, it gave me good motivation for a new start. Thank you!

Agne Lenickiene


Really informative sessions that help me better plan my company strategy and reassures me in terms of the progress we have made to date

Lisa Williams

ALM Translations Ltd

The GROW YOUR REVENUE event was insightful as someone new to the language services industry. I enjoyed learning how to build consistent and effective communication to new and present clients at all levels within our team. Takeaways to establish solutions through value selling to better understand the buyer’s process and help facilitate that process. I highly recommend this course to veterans in the marketplace and those just starting out alike.

Jason Lunsford

INGCO International

Every Founder, Account Manager and Sales Team should attend this course for insightful learning and scientific techniques.

Dr Sahil Chandolia

MoniSa Enterprise

I am just onboarding in this area and I found it really useful for starters like me.

Cristina Filip

Active Translators

It was a really interesting course. Andrzej is a very professional advisor and gives great tips regarding sales and account management. His knowledge of the language services industry is very enlightening. I highly recommend this course.


How can I apply?

Cooperation starts with a 30-minute Discovery Meeting, which is free of charge, confidential and holds no obligation for future cooperation. Based on the outcome of this meeting we decide on the form and plan for cooperation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long is my commitment with the advisory service?

My goal is to help you and provide the highest value in our cooperation, not to lock you with a long-term commitment. Typically I start with a couple of sessions and if we both want to continue, we just do.

  1. How do I know if we are a good match?

That’s what we want to ensure during the free discovery call. You surely experienced it already in your life – after the first few minutes of discussion, you knew whether you wanted to work with a given person or not, right?

  1. Do I have to agree on the fixed dates of future meetings?

No. We typically plan each following session at the end of the previous one. And the decision will depend on the topic’s nature, urgency, tasks to perform before the next session, etc.

  1. Are the sessions live or online?

Even though I love meeting face-to-face, online sessions are typically much more convenient to organize. You can be in any part of the world and there is no need to travel or plan other logistics.