Business Advisory

It is dedicated for C-level executives and company owners. We work together in 1-on-1 sessions focusing on key business areas within my Client’s responsibility. Most often it is Business Strategy, Growth, International Expansion, M&A, Exit strategy or Executive Management.

We handle each topic with systematic approach involving definition and analysis of

  • present stage, 
  • reasons for change
  • goal / desired result
  • possible solutions
  • execution strategy
  • execution supervision

Each of the session findings are summarised in a written report for best efficiency and clarity of work. For natural reasons, desired level of confidentiality is maintained throughout the whole cooperation cycle.

Depending on the matter of advisory, it is provided with:

  • intensive schedule of meetings to solve a particular issue
  • regular weekly or bi-weekly meetings, to allow achieving progress within discussed matters between each advisory sessions.

Cooperation starts with a 30-minute Discovery Meeting, which is free of charge, confidential and holds no obligation for future cooperation. Based on the outcome of this meeting we decide on the form and plan for cooperation.


I have worked with Andrzej regularly since the early days of KOKOworld. Andrzej helped with transforming my vision into a well described strategy that had a primary role in our success. We started as a local butik-shop selling products that I imported personally. Today the majority of our sales are international and made online. We have our own product line, own production site and fans all over the world. With dynamic international growth, naturally came internal operational challenges and here again the fact that I can always count on Andrzej’s advice and business support provides me with a lot of comfort and clarity on decisions to make. I can thoroughly recommend Andrzej as a great business advisor and friend.

Agata Kurek

CEO, KOKOworld

I met Andrzej four years ago when he was looking for a professional swimming trainer. After his first competition we started training together for IronMan Triathlon, and talking about my business. I did not have a clear vision where I wanted to get yet, but I was ready to grow my business. Andrzej helped me define my personal goals and match them with business goals. In that way we have elaborated a clear business vision and strategy towards building a professional Triathlon Club and Personal Health&Sport Coaching. Today, I am not only offering personal training together with my wife, but we also hire other trainers, and offer online training plans in a subscription model. This allows us to live the life we love, and work from anyplace in the world we travel to. I always recommend Andrzej as a business advisor and mentor, because I trust he can help many people and companies as much as he helped us.

Marcin Górka

CEO, Unlimited Triathlon