Business Advisory

It is dedicated for C-level executives and company owners. We work together in the format of online 1-on-1 sessions focusing on key business areas within my Client’s responsibility.

When I was buying advisory services it was usually “advisory days”. And I often had this feeling that we were spending a substantial amount of time during such days on non-productive tasks or secondary topics.

This is why, when it is me who offers advisory services now, I split days into hours and I meet with clients most often for very powerful 1-hour sessions. It is the time of deep focus, hard work, and full commitment to discussing and moving forward with the topic we are working on. And after the session is finished, and before the next session, we can make progress in the discussed area, and in the next session take it even further.

The pace of meetings (weekly, bi-weekly, other) is decided together based on urgency and nature of each topic.

That’s how we built outstanding efficiency of our collaboration and we maximize the results and outcomes.

Examples of topics

The topics we work on during advisory sessions vary and change over time, and most often then are related to:

Business Strategy, Growth, International Expansion, Mergers and Acquisitions opportunities, Exit strategy, Executive Management, Relations with investors, Definition of Goal and Metrics (KPIs), Succession plans, and many more.

We handle each topic with systematic approach involving definition and analysis of

  • present stage,
  • reasons for change,
  • desired outcome,
  • possible solutions,
  • execution supervision.


From the beginning, Andrzej Nedoma showed great commitment to our work, at each meeting we discussed in detail the problems in our company, set priorities, and then developed an implementation plan. The proposed solutions were simple, but most importantly, effective and tailored to our needs. When discussing the sales strategy, Andrzej’s experience turned out to be priceless – we wrote out various scenarios on how to get a client, the first phone call, types of people we talk to (decision making person, accountant or project manager), through the presentation of the product. A new way of thinking and communicating with our clients had a significant impact on our sales, which increased by over 30% compared to the previous year, and what’s more interesting, we established cooperation with companies that we used to be unable to reach.


I have had the pleasure of working closely with Andrzej for over a year and have consistently been impressed with his expertise and contributions. Andrzej's areas of expertise include acquisitions, sales and management, with a strong focus on sales team management and general management issues, including finances and task delegation. His insights and recommendations have been invaluable in finding effective solutions for my organization.
Not only is Andrzej highly experienced, but he also carries a positive vibe and a great sense of humor. What is definitely worth noting is Andrzej’s extensive network of industry contacts. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Andrzej Nedoma as a business consultant and coach. His expertise, positive attitude, sense of humor, and networking capabilities make him an exceptional professional to work with. Please feel free to reach out if you require further information or have specific questions about Andrzej's qualifications and performance.

Andrzej Wolski

General manager, KONTEKST

As part of our collaboration, we have asked Mister Nedoma to integrate our management team as a consultant and to help us with the strategic development of our company. The main themes addressed during our collaboration were: Technology platform evaluation, including competitive edge analysis; IT company audit & valuation; Assessing M&A versus technological partnership scenarios and their related opportunity cost; Management advisory to take an educated investment/divestment decision. Expertise provided by Andrzej Nedoma Business Advisory has given us additional insight into new areas, skills and capabilities. We are fully satisfied with our collaboration, which we will continue in 2023, and we unreservedly recommend Andrzej Nedoma’s services.

Antoine Camus

Managing Director, WordClass

I am writing this to wholeheartedly recommend Andrzej Nedoma for any advisory roles or services you may consider. As a trusted advisor to me personally, Andrzej has offered expert guidance in various key areas, demonstrating profound knowledge, professionalism, and experience in the field of translation and business strategy. During our cooperation, Andrzej has shown outstanding competency in strategic planning, operational improvement, leadership development and B2B sales. His approach is always characterised by a deep understanding of our business context, a systematic approach, and a clear focus on delivering tangible results. In terms of personal attributes, Andrzej embodies all the qualities you would want in an advisor: he is proactive, diligent, and insightful, always bringing fresh, actionable ideas to the table. Moreover, his integrity, dedication, and empathy have built a strong, trusted relationship with me. In conclusion, his advisory services have proven to be invaluable and have played a significant role in the strategic direction I adopted. I am confident he will bring the same level of dedication and professionalism to any endeavor he undertakes.


We have had the pleasure of being advised by Andrzej Nedoma this past spring. There were two of us participating in the coaching, myself as managing director of a translation company and Jennifer Gensthaler as head of a new project that we just launched. We both received a great deal of help and good advice from Andrzej. There are many things I appreciated about our talks. From an administrative perspective, it was very easy to work with Andrzej, he is flexible and well organized. He did not waste time asking questions about aspects of our business that are not relevant to what we want to do. In the past I have had a few such coaches where, in the end, I felt like I explained my business to them but didn’t learn a thing. Andrzej was able to hone right in on constructive steps we need to take in future. He came up with specific tasks for us to work on and followed up on them carefully. These pertained to promotion strategies for the translation agency on the one hand and methods to bring our new project to the market on the other. I took away several really valuable insights from every meeting we had. He also offered some very innovative ideas of things we could work on going forward. I shared my enthusiasm about Andrzej’s advisory services with colleagues in the industry and I know that at least a few directors of other major Austrian translation companies have already taken “my advice” and met with him recently as well – each with their own specific topic or project. The feedback I heard from this was extremely positive. He is able to work well with every kind of situation, from very specific challenges to helping you find the proper goals, from start-ups to multi-million companies.

Trisha Kovacic-Young

Young Translations

The biggest benefit? Andrzej helped me organise the business after we took it to the next level. When we started working together, lots of things were happening very quickly and I was personally involved in so many of them. Thanks to Andrzej, now it’s not that hectic anymore. Now we focus on more strategic meetings and Andrzej is my accountability partner. Not being alone at the top and having someone not vested, not willing to please me but telling the truth without emotions is of great value for me and my business.

CEO of LSP from Asia-Pacific

We were introduced to Andrzej by the Venture Capital firm which invested in our company.

In his professional career, Andrzej had already been through the issues and challenges we were facing on our dynamic growth path. We were very happy to benefit from Andrzej’s experience and support that he provided for our Help Desk Department, Account Management Department as well as the Founders. We will be happy to continue our cooperation, as we grow our business, and are certain we can recommend Andrzej to other business people and managers, too.

Daniel Kierdal

CEO, Linker Shop

I met Andrzej four years ago when he was looking for a professional swimming trainer. After his first competition we started training together for IronMan Triathlon, and talking about my business. I did not have a clear vision where I wanted to get yet, but I was ready to grow my business. Andrzej helped me define my personal goals and match them with business goals. In that way we have elaborated a clear business vision and strategy towards building a professional Triathlon Club and Personal Health&Sport Coaching. Today, I am not only offering personal training together with my wife, but we also hire other trainers, and offer online training plans in a subscription model. This allows us to live the life we love, and work from anyplace in the world we travel to. I always recommend Andrzej as a business advisor and mentor, because I trust he can help many people and companies as much as he helped us.

Marcin Górka

CEO, Unlimited Triathlon

I have worked with Andrzej regularly since the early days of KOKOworld. Andrzej helped with transforming my vision into a well described strategy that had a primary role in our success. We started as a local butik-shop selling products that I imported personally. Today the majority of our sales are international and made online. We have our own product line, own production site and fans all over the world. With dynamic international growth, naturally came internal operational challenges and here again the fact that I can always count on Andrzej’s advice and business support provides me with a lot of comfort and clarity on decisions to make. I can thoroughly recommend Andrzej as a great business advisor and friend.

Agata Kurek

CEO, KOKOworld

How can I apply?

Cooperation starts with a 30-minute Discovery Meeting, which is free of charge, confidential and holds no obligation for future cooperation. Based on the outcome of this meeting we decide on the form and plan for cooperation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long is my commitment with the advisory service?

My goal is to help you and provide the highest value in our cooperation, not to lock you with a long-term commitment. Typically I start with a couple of sessions and if we both want to continue, we just do.

  1. How do I know if we are a good match?

That’s what we want to ensure during the free discovery call. You surely experienced it already in your life – after the first few minutes of discussion, you knew whether you wanted to work with a given person or not, right?

  1. Do I have to agree on the fixed dates of future meetings?

No. We typically plan each following session at the end of the previous one. And the decision will depend on the topic’s nature, urgency, tasks to perform before the next session, etc.

  1. Are the sessions live or online?

Even though I love meeting face-to-face, online sessions are typically much more convenient to organize. You can be in any part of the world and there is no need to travel or plan other logistics.