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  • Andrzej Nedoma helps entrepreneurs and companies grow and be successful.
  • He personally provides business advisory, coaching, sales training and mentorship to boost companies growth, optimize operational efficiency and improve the bottom line.
  • Being successful Entrepreneur, CEO and Investor he delivers immediate results by discussing tested strategies and offering advice based on real-life experience
  • He opens people minds to much higher goals and delivers energy, will and tools to achieve them.

“I have built businesses from ground up, invented growth strategies, led international sales teams, hired and managed hundreds of people, built corporate structures, attracted venture capital, sold businesses… and I am still an active entrepreneur learning even more every day.


In my Advisory career I provide immediate guidance based on my over 25-years experience. I don’t just offer advice gathered from books, but tested in real business life.


If I can provide help to your challenges – I’ll be happy to do so. If it is something I can’t assist you with – I’ll direct you to those who can.”

How I provide value?

My Journey

I started by joining a single-person Translation Services company “Lido-Lang Technical Translations” run by my father from our apartment. I hired first employees, built operations team, then sales team, then the whole company structure and developed this business to the position of one of the leading Language Service Providers in Central Europe. I planned and executed a successful multi-million exit versus global player, which allowed my father to happily retire, travel the world, enjoy family life and not worry for money anymore. And myself I could build my passive income investments and focus on another business that we started in the meantime.

I co-founded an IT company XTRF Management Systems which provides project management and automation software for Translation and Localization Companies, as well as Corporate Localization Departments worldwide. In the position of CEO I lead the company from idea, through the early-stage bootstrapping, establishing a verified product-market fit, till growth, expansion and final exit. I attracted Venture Capital investment and raised money to accelerate company international growth, executed investors full buy-out to later successfully sell the whole business to a global Private Equity firm from Los Angeles, USA.

Now I focus on helping other entrepreneurs and business executives grow and succeed in their businesses and lives.
Apart from my advisory and coaching activities, and raising my three daughters, I am also a passionate triathlete challenging myself in IronMan Triathlon races in beautiful parts of the world.

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As Henry Ford put it: “Whether you believe you can or you cannot, you are right”! Many years ago I decided “I can”.

Today, based on my achievements and experience, I help others do the same.

Every Founder, Account Manager and Sales Team should attend this course for insightful learning and scientific techniques.

Dr Sahil Chandolia

MoniSa Enterprise

The GROW YOUR REVENUE event was insightful as someone new to the language services industry. I enjoyed learning how to build consistent and effective communication to new and present clients at all levels within our team. Takeaways to establish solutions through value selling to better understand the buyer’s process and help facilitate that process. I highly recommend this course to veterans in the marketplace and those just starting out alike.

Jason Lunsford

INGCO International

Really informative sessions that help me better plan my company strategy and reassures me in terms of the progress we have made to date

Lisa Williams

ALM Translations Ltd

The sales training was very helpful and you shared the information very clearly. It was all very important, because you showed us that we must know how we can speak with our clients without having to put ourselves below them. I really believe in this idea and we are working on it with our team. I really would recommend participating in your training because you show experience, knowledge and share the information clearly

Isaias Cereda

Sales Director, Korn Traducoes, Brasil

Very useful and insightful, it gave me good motivation for a new start. Thank you!

Agne Lenickiene


It was a great and inspiring course. The topics were clearly divided and each day offered insightful, valuable, and ready-to-use solutions that can be applied in any LSP. Andrzej has a deep understanding of sales processes in our industry. He also knows what type of challenges we face and how our clients think and act. That’s why he is able to provide precise solutions and suggestions that are unique for the localization company. I feel motivated to implement some of them immediately

Agata Rybacka

Diuna Group

Attending Andrzej’s sales training was like listening to a great story. His theory behind sales unfolded naturally and Andrzej put everything into perspective, making sure to relate to his industry experience… adding fun here and there for extra motivation. The workshop was a true eye-opener. I can see a huge potential for my company and myself to implement a clear strategy with the appropriate sales techniques.

Gaetan Chretiennot

CEO at Six Continents, France

Andrzej is a very professional advisor. This training allowed us to improve our knowledge as salesmen and to understand the different techniques to use with our clients and prospects. I recommend Andrzej who is very pedagogical and whose advice is precious and valuable.


Konstantin Dranch

Andrzej’s sales training was well-structured and paced. What I liked a lot is the fact that it was based on practical experience in our industry, That fact gave a lot of credibility to the methods described. I learned new stuff, on dealing with difficult and stalling clients, how to relaunch them into action, and how not to give too much upfront to the client. The training would work for a small/medium-sized company CEO where the manager takes direct control over the sales process. It’s fresh, based on practice and well-structured. Easy to understand as well.

Konstantin Dranch

Localization Industry Consultant
Dani Coelho

I found the sales training very insightful and helpful. I was able to give brief presentations about this training in my own company, sharing insightful tips and resources, which allowed for the repositioning of the sales team. The learning elements one can draw from such a session are of the utmost importance given the current commercial conjecture.

Dani Coelho

Team Leader at Letrario, Portugal

The ultimate trigger of satisfaction and happiness is Progress.

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