Prerecorded+Live Training Programs

Each of the pre-recorded training sessions available on the online learning platform can be accompanied by live-sessions. The purpose of live sessions is to practice and develop skills presented in the online training.
The most frequent challenge that people face after virtually any sort of professional training is in putting it in practice. It often happens that the initial positive result of a training fades away within a few weeks if the new skills or knowledge are not properly implemented in daily work.
To address precisely this issue, I offer live sessions to provide support in implementation of new skills in daily activities as well as to show how the trained skills can be applied in real-life business situations.
The frequency of sessions can be weekly or bi-weekly, and they can be held individually or in small groups. The plan is built and agree individually during the short introductory call which is free of charge.


Attending Andrzej’s sales training was like listening to a great story. His theory behind sales unfolded naturally and Andrzej put everything into perspective, making sure to relate to his industry experience… adding fun
here and there for extra motivation. The workshop was a true eye-opener. I can see a huge potential for my company and myself, to implement a clear strategy with the appropriate sales techniques.

Gaetan Chretiennot

CEO at Six Continents, France

JCI Organisation, which unites young and ambitious entrepreneurs, has various forms of activity. One of them is sharing knowledge and building business skills of our members. Andrzej has provided for us training in Sales, Sales Management and Finance Management and they were all extremely well received by our members. As one of JCI Krakow Senators put it – “Andrzej has an impressive capability of explaining complex issues and concepts in a very simple and attractive way, making the understanding very easy”. And I cannot agree more with this statement. This is why we are planning more business trainings with Andrzej and I can strongly recommend Andrzej as Trainer and Business Advisor to other entrepreneurs.

Michał Zawada

President, JCI Kraków