Inner circle

For Account Managers and Sales Teams

This is a group coaching program, aiming at building Sales, Upsales and Account management skills of people involved operationally in these processes.

We work in the format of online group sessions, once a month. Every member of the Inner Circle may provide before each session his/her particular questions, cases, challenges faced during work with real clients (without revealing the client name!). A Selection of these cases and questions is discussed during each session.

The goal is for everyone to learn on true, real cases – faced by anyone of the Inner Circle members. In that way, without disclosing client names, everyone builds their own skills and learns strategies for handling particular situations.

It is an amazing opportunity to take the learning experience to a much higher level, by turning the theory into practice.

Group sessions and learning on cases brought by peers not only broaden horizons and builds skills like never before, but also provides a very dynamic and interactive learning environment.

Not to mention very affordable pricing – just 100 EUR / month


Andrzej is a very professional advisor. This training allowed us to improve our knowledge as salesmen and to understand the different techniques to use with our clients and prospects. I recommend Andrzej who is very pedagogical and whose advice is precious and valuable.


The GROW YOUR REVENUE event was insightful as someone new to the language services industry. I enjoyed learning how to build consistent and effective communication to new and present clients at all levels within our team. Takeaways to establish solutions through value selling to better understand the buyer’s process and help facilitate that process. I highly recommend this course to veterans in the marketplace and those just starting out alike.

Jason Lunsford

INGCO International

Every Founder, Account Manager and Sales Team should attend this course for insightful learning and scientific techniques.

Dr Sahil Chandolia

MoniSa Enterprise

It was a really interesting course. Andrzej is a very professional advisor and gives great tips regarding sales and account management. His knowledge of the language services industry is very enlightening. I highly recommend this course.


It was great not to have to follow a powerpoint presentation but to see and hear a real person talking most of the time.


How can I apply?

Our goal is to guarantee the best experience for all Inner Circle participants, therefore before adding new members we suggest a short 30-minute Discovery Meeting, which is free of charge, confidential and holds no obligation for future cooperation. On the call we can align expectations and agree on the number of people to add to the programme.

Join Inner Circle for just 100 EUR/month

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the dates of the sessions planned in advance?

Yes. We typically plan 3-6 sessions ahead.

  1. What happens if I am not available during the session date/time?

There is no problem. All questions and cases should be provided before the session, and the session itself is recorded, so you can watch the recording anytime after the session.

  1. How can I provide my questions/cases?

You can provide them by email in whatever text format is comfortable for you. If your case is selected for the following session, you might be contacted personally before the session in case some more clarifications are required to provide the answer and great learning experience for everyone.

  1. How often can I provide my cases and is there any limit per month/year?

You can provide your questions and cases before each session and there can be any number of them, without limits. Before the session we make a selection of cases to be discussed, aiming at covering different sales-related topics to build InnerCircle members’ sales skills in the most optimal and broadest way.