Grow Your Revenue


Designed for Translation and Localization Industry

3-Day online event recording.
The Grow Your Revenue event will provide your revenue teams with skills and tools necessary to expand your business in 2023.

The Grow Your Revenue Training Programme will provide your revenue teams with skills and tools necessary to expand your business. The event is equally beneficial for companies that already have a dedicated sales team as well as for those that have not built individual sales teams yet. We start with looking at your present clients as the basis and starting point to discuss your growth. So if you have clients that already trusted you and make business with you – this event will be great for you!

During the Grow Your Revenue Training Programme you will learn and/or master your skills within the following areas:

  • The​ KEY components of revenue in your organization.
  • The way to ANALYZE your present clients and understand how you bring value to them, so that you could expand your cooperation and grow together.
  • ​​DEFINING your best client types and shaping your marketing messaging and offer accordingly, to maximize your conversion rate of Leads to Paying Clients.
  • MANAGING and EXECUTING the sales process efficiently, so that you never have to sell “on price” again and you generate high profit margins.
  • Defining success metrics and KPIs to monitor your progress.
  • REVENUE PLANNING TOOLS, so that you focus on executing growth strategies and do not leave anything to chance.
Take a look at what you will learn each day


This day is dedicated to Account Management.

You will learn how to segment your present clients, analyze and learn from them.

We will work on your Account Management Skills, to ensure that you are successful within your Account Management role.

Account Management is not about calling your clients and ensuring that “all goes fine and they will contact you when they have a new project”. It is in fact something totally different!


The second day will focus on New Sales.

We will show that sales skills can be learnt, and that each of you can become a great salesperson. The sales person that feels comfortable while talking to clients and that knows how to win contracts that also generate a good profit margin for your business.


This day is dedicated to defining the whole Revenue Strategy.

We will combine the learnings about Account Management and Winning New Clients and will use it to generate the Revenue Plan for future and the strategy of achieving it.

You will learn how to build the team that can execute your strategy, how to define the metrics that will allow you to monitor your progress towards successfully hitting your targets and how to align your whole team in the way you communicate, sell and deliver value to your clients.


Andrzej is a very professional advisor. This training allowed us to improve our knowledge as salesmen and to understand the different techniques to use with our clients and prospects. I recommend Andrzej who is very pedagogical and whose advice is precious and valuable.


It was a great and inspiring course. The topics were clearly divided and each day offered insightful, valuable, and ready-to-use solutions that can be applied in any LSP. Andrzej has a deep understanding of sales processes in our industry. He also knows what type of challenges we face and how our clients think and act. That’s why he is able to provide precise solutions and suggestions that are unique for the localization company. I feel motivated to implement some of them immediately

Agata Rybacka

Diuna Group

Very useful and insightful, it gave me good motivation for a new start. Thank you!

Agne Lenickiene


Really informative sessions that help me better plan my company strategy and reassures me in terms of the progress we have made to date

Lisa Williams

ALM Translations Ltd

The GROW YOUR REVENUE event was insightful as someone new to the language services industry. I enjoyed learning how to build consistent and effective communication to new and present clients at all levels within our team. Takeaways to establish solutions through value selling to better understand the buyer’s process and help facilitate that process. I highly recommend this course to veterans in the marketplace and those just starting out alike.

Jason Lunsford

INGCO International

Every Founder, Account Manager and Sales Team should attend this course for insightful learning and scientific techniques.

Dr Sahil Chandolia

MoniSa Enterprise

I am just onboarding in this area and I found it really useful for starters like me.

Cristina Filip

Active Translators

It was great not to have to follow a powerpoint presentation but to see and hear a real person talking most of the time.




Designed for Translation and Localization Industry

Make sure you buy it for your Account Managers, Sales People and Executive Team.